Lago di Como Italy wedding photographer part 1 – Bride and Groom getting dressed

So here is the first part of the Lago di Como wedding that took place last October in Lenno. This was by far the most beautiful wedding we had privilege to shoot. With both photography and videography included in package, GleFotka’s best team came to Lago di Como Leno  to witness this amazing wedding.

Anastasia and Mostafa contacted us when they saw a wedding album we made in Dubai. Imagine that, wedding took place in Croatia, then album went with the couple to Dubai, and we got hired for magical wedding in Italy!

Whole wedding was very well planned, decorated and coordinated by very talented wedding planing agency Forever Amore Weddings that we had a privilege and pleasure to work with.

Bride and groom had preparations in a amazing 5 star villa Giuseppina located on the coastline of lake Como. Make sure to pause at the magnificent dress the bride had. Seeing the dress laying on the bed, I knew it deserves the grandiose photo. But it all had to be very well planned, because other members of the families, especially the groom Mostafa, mustn’t see  the wedding dress before the ceremony. So Anastasia’s best friend, and two assistants from Forever Amore Weddings agency held the door of the villa’s  lobby as I took this photo of the dress. I knew I had to hang it somewhere to show all it’s beauty,  so the almost 3m door were the obvious choice. Everyone held their breath during this quick 3 minutes session!!

Anastasia’s makeup and hair was done by amazing and very talented artist Fabio Lo Coco that came all the way from Milano.

After the wedding dress, wedding ring and of course the shiny shoes were shot, Mostafa and Anastasia were all ready for their individual session. The edgy part was that they are both in the same villa but cannot see each other before the wedding ceremony that took place in famous and stunning Villa Balbianello.

Make sure to check out the part 2 of this blog post – the Wedding ceremony in Villa Balbianello.


Exclusive 5 star villa Giuseppina

 Wedding and engagement ring   The sparkling wedding shoes

The wedding dress hanged from 3m entrance door.

The groom

The bride


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