Patisserie Coffee Shop Croccantino Promo Video

This summer set myself a goal. To shoot 5 short video’s. For years I’ve stood by professional filmmakers and watched them work, payed close intention to the frames, lenses, camera movements, asked 1001 boring questions and finally felt ready to shoot a video myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shot video before, but I’ve set myself a goal to work on my videography skills and maybe one day to become as handy with video as I am with photography.

So I called my friend running a special patisserie Croccantino in Orebic, on the Peljesac peninsula in Croatia.  It’s a beautiful place where you can enjoy excellent coffee, fresh made smoothies, cakes, biscuits,  and great music while overlooking the sea shore. I wanted it not to be just another promo video, but to reflect my style, to show friendly emotions this place has and human touch.

So, without any further-do, here it is. Hope you like it!




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