Personal project – Korčula in dusk

I haven’t found time to shoot photos for myself in a long time, so this Easter while on a traditional family trip to Korčula Island I decided to spent some time alone doing landscape photography.

Bilin žal, Lumbarda

I had this image planned in my head for aa long time. 30s exposure on f22. Car (with the kids of course!) parked. Stars added in Photoshop.

Ražnjić lighthouse

Now this was tricky! As I haven’t brought tripod with me on a trip, I had to place the camera on the nearby rock. The lighthouse wasn’t lit, so I’ve programed the 10s delay on a camera with 30s exposure and then ran through the rocks up to the lighthouse and lit it with speedlight. You can see me standing in front. It was a matter of trial and error before I got the right shot!

After I got the shot Moon started to rise on the other side of the horizon, so I did another 30s exposure with me standing in the frame.


Žrnovska banja


Tri žala

City of Korčula

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