What it means to be Best Friends Forever

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tena and Kathy are best friends since the day 1 of high school. They went through every little part of their life together and experienced what only few people can.

We say one is lucky if he/she has handful of good friends but one should consider himself wealthy man if he/she has a best friend like Tena and Katarina.

This year they both got married only couple of months apart so Tena wanted to do something special for Katarina and their friendship. They called me and we came up with this story.

The room of memorries

This is a room of their 14y old friendship and memories. Each photo they hang on the line represents one year. They made it so special and full of details with candles, cakes and sweets. They wrote a pact of lifetime loyalty. Yeah, a true friendship pact. Video is an absolute must see!

In photo session we visited their high school in Krizaniceva street and their colleague in Kennedy square in Zagreb having tons of laugh and fun. Heavy rain cough us during the first couple of shots so we ran out of coffee shop and danced in the rain 🙂 Thank God for waterproof equipment!

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Do you have a best friend? Show them some love!

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Meet your Love Storyteller

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